Paint-spraying hooligan strikes again: Women in Bangkok demand justice

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Several Thai women took to social media after becoming victims of a drunken spray paint hooligan in the Bang Na neighbourhood of Bangkok. The hooligan reportedly sprayed red paint on their pants in an unprovoked attack as they walked by.

One female victim took to Twitter on March 30 to post pictures of her pants with red paint and issued a warning for others to beware of the man. The caption said…

“It is so scary! I came down from the Bearing BTS Station, and a man suddenly approached me and sprayed red colour on my pants. This is mental! He quickly escaped after doing this to me. Bad luck!”

On April 2, another Twitter user responded to her post, saying her friend suffered a similar incident while walking on Lasalle Road near the same area. She also posted a picture of her friend’s pants, which had been spray-painted red.

Another victim commented that the man did the same thing to her. She added that the man was drunk and holding a bottle of alcohol while he assaulted her.

Many women commented that they were also assaulted by the man in the Bang Na area. Others believe it is the same rascal who was arrested four months ago for spraying blue paint on women near the Samrong BTS Station in the same neighbourhood.

One of the victims gave an interview with KhaoSod that she was walking near the Bearing BTS Station on the evening of April 1 when the man targeted her. She noticed him staring at her from a distance before he suddenly sprayed her pants and ran away. She then watched him from the other side of the footpath and observed that he would only attack women who were walking alone and wearing light-coloured pants.

In an attempt to gather evidence, the victim returned to the same location to record a video of the man attacking her. However, he recognized her and fled the scene on a public bus. She plans to file a complaint with the Samrong Nuea Police Station due to her fears of being targeted again as she has to walk past the area every day.

Many women have spoken out about their own experiences with the perpetrator, with some even claiming that he is the same person who was arrested four months ago for similar assaults near the Samrong BTS Station. The suspect had reportedly claimed that he carried out the attacks due to stress.

The public is urging the police to take swift action in apprehending the perpetrator and preventing further assaults from occurring. These attacks have caused great concern and fear among the community, and measures must be taken to ensure the safety and security of all individuals.

Paint-spraying hooligan strikes again: Women in Bangkok demand justice | News by Thaiger

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