Canine controversy: Dog’s ‘ruff’ day sparks fur-ious debate on social media

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A distressing incident occurred where a dog was savagely beaten after it reportedly bit a child who was playing near the house. The dog owner voiced outrage, questioning why the child wasn’t supervised and suggesting that the dog could have been kept at the back of the house to avoid such incidents. The dog beating incident, which happened on Sunday, September 10, around 1pm, quickly escalated, leading to furious debate on social media.

The dog owner recounted the incident, explaining that the dog was tied up near the front of the house. The purpose was to keep it as a companion, protect the house, and provide it with a sheltered space away from the rain and sun. There was a child in the neighbourhood who frequently played near the front of the house where the dog was tied. Despite numerous warnings to the child’s guardian to prevent the child from playing near the dog, the warnings were ignored.

On the day of the dog beating incident, the owner and their mother had just left the house for a few minutes when they received a call from the child’s family, informing them that their dog had bitten the child. The owner was confused as to how the dog, which was tied up, could have bitten the child. It turned out that the child had been playing near the dog which led to the incident. The child’s family demanded that the owner take responsibility for the damage. The situation worsened when two men severely beat the dog with large sticks. The dog was injured, and the house was left in a mess.

The child’s family accused the dog owner of irresponsibly keeping the dog at the front of the house. The owner retaliated, questioning whether it was wrong of them to keep their dog at the front of their house to guard their belongings. The family then belittled the owner’s belongings, leading to increased tension. The dog owner, frustrated with the situation, asked why the child wasn’t supervised. The family responded that they didn’t have the time, to which the owner retorted, asking why they should be responsible for both their dog and the child. The dog was eventually moved to the back of the house, but the child’s family continued to berate the owner in front of their house, reported KhaoSod.

The dog beating incident left the owner deeply upset and distressed, not only because of the pain inflicted on their pet but also the hostility they faced from the child’s family. The owner stated that they were not home during the incident, and had not instigated any trouble, yet trouble found them.

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