Online DJ Chamrat Jiamram strikes a chord with Khmer dialect

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Social media platforms are continually providing new avenues for people to augment their income. One such individual is 32 years old Chamrat Jiamram, an administrative officer turned online DJ who found success by marrying his love for music with his regional Khmer dialect. His content has struck a chord with thousands of followers both in Thailand and Cambodia, generating a handsome secondary income for him.

Chamrat Jiamram, better known to his social media followers as DJ Ananayon Seragrow Buriram, accrued over 80,000 followers on YouTube, more than 126,000 followers on TikTok, and a whopping 1.9 million likes. His journey to becoming a popular online DJ began while studying at a temple in the Buriram province. There, he assisted his teacher in video editing and page creation and discovered his passion for radio when he temporarily filled in for the temple’s regular DJ.

Following his time at the temple, Chamrat took up a position as an administrative officer at the Ban Chok Krad School in Huai Rat, Buriram. However, his passion for DJing persisted. In his spare time and on holidays, he began to create his own Facebook page under the moniker DJ Ananayon Seragrow Buriram. He largely focused on live streams from the middle of rice fields, using a mix of fast-paced music, dance tracks, and his native Khmer language to engage with his audience. His unique content and presentation attracted a significant following from both Thailand and Cambodia.

After about a year of broadcasting on the TikTok app, he accrued almost 200,000 followers, the majority of whom are from Cambodia and the Isaan region of Thailand.

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Apart from enjoying his work as a DJ, Chamrat also earns an average monthly income of 6,000 to 10,000 baht from his online content. His initial investment in his online DJ career was around 20,000 baht, which covered two mobile phones, a GoPro camera, a wireless microphone, headphones, and a camera stand reported KhaoSod.

He emphasizes that the key to building a dedicated social media following lies in loving what you do, being genuine, and consistent, and not being self-centred. However, he also cautions the younger generation against spending too much time online and ignoring real-life self-development. The adverse effects, he warns, could outweigh the benefits if one does not manage their time wisely.

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