Much-loved Thai police officer suddenly dies, hormone disorder blamed for 218kg weight

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The unexpected passing of Manop Wongnaree, affectionally known as “Police Senior Sergeant Major Elephant” has left his family, friends and colleagues mourning.

The 50 year old was a police officer with a body weight of 218 kilograms. He gained international attention when photos of him were shared online, accompanied by comments ridiculing his excessive weight.

Assistant Police Captain Pichetpong Chaengkaikom reported the death of Wongnaree took place yesterday May 22 at 9am. Manop was hospitalized at Royal Thai Police Hospital since April 24 due to various hormonal disorders, which led to his chronic obesity. He was survived by his 51 year old wife, Nithima Wongnaree.

Nithima emotionally recounted that her husband suddenly passed away while at the hospital, complimenting the doctor and nursing staff for their dedicated care throughout his hospital stay. At the time of his passing, Manop had managed to lose 13 kilograms, KhaoSod reported.

District Superintendent Police Captain Jak Chittham reassured that the Police Bureau of Samut Sakhon province will coordinate with the relevant authorities to ensure the appropriate welfare, pension and benefits are provided to the family of the deceased officer. In addition, the bureau will hold a funeral ceremony in honour of Manop.

The funeral rites for Manop started yesterday and will continue till tomorrow, May 24. The cremation ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 25 at 4pm at the Pom Wi Chian Chotikaram temple in Samut Sakhon.

Manop had been suffering from abnormal hormonal problems and chronic obesity for over a decade. Prior to his hospital admission, his condition had caused swelling in his arms and legs, and he was on sick leave at home before eventually seeking treatment at the Royal Thai Police Hospital.

Throughout his career, Manop remained committed to his duties and was highly regarded by his colleagues at the Samut Sakhon Police Station.

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