Nonthaburi family seeks justice for murdered online merchant

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A tragic incident involving the murder of a 54 year old online merchant has left his family seeking justice.

The victim, Paisan, was found dead in his sixth-floor condo in Nonthaburi. His body was discovered last Sunday, May 26. The police later identified a male suspect who fled the scene with the victim’s phone, eventually making his way to Pattaya.

At noon yesterday, May 29, Chatchai, Paisan’s brother, and his niece visited the Nonthaburi City Police Station to provide further statements regarding the case. They met with Police Lieutenant Colonel Thitipakorn Khunpanin to discuss recent developments and share new information.

Chatchai reported that the suspect used Paisan’s phone to send a message via the Line app, requesting business-related documents. Believing the message to be from Paisan, the niece prepared the documents and handed them to a courier who came to collect them.

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Chatchai expressed confidence that the police would soon apprehend the suspect but urged them to expedite the process. He shared his personal belief that the suspect exhibited traits resembling those of a game-addicted youth or a mentally unstable individual.

“Today, I came to provide additional testimony and follow up on the progress of the investigation. I am confident that the police will catch the perpetrator soon, but I hope they can do it quickly. From the suspect’s behaviour, I feel he might be either a game-addicted kid or possibly mentally disturbed.”

This case has drawn significant attention due to the suspect’s cunning methods, including using the victim’s phone to manipulate family members. The police are working diligently to track down the suspect, who remains at large.

The use of technology in this crime has raised questions about the psychological profile of the suspect, prompting both law enforcement and the public to speculate about his motives and state of mind.

The family’s grief is compounded by the unsettling nature of the crime. Paisan’s niece, who inadvertently aided the suspect by providing the requested documents, is particularly distressed.

The authorities continue to urge anyone with information about the suspect’s whereabouts to come forward, reported KhaoSod.

The investigation remains active, with police focusing on digital evidence and tracing the suspect’s movements.

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