Life-changing silicone prosthetics: The SNMRI is transforming lives

Samples of silicone prosthetics produced by Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute. Picture courtesy of Bangkok Post.

The Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute (SNMRI) is dedicated to achieving organisational excellence at its silicone clinic, focusing on the evaluation and fabrication of silicone prosthetics to improve the lives of those who have undergone post-traumatic amputation.

The SNMRI recognises that patients who have lost all or part of an organ due to an accident may face difficulties when it comes to returning to work and reintegrating into society.

As such, the Institute adopts a holistic approach to patient recovery, creating silicone prosthetics that not only resemble realistic body parts but also function similarly to lost limbs.

Dr Pairoj Surattanawanich, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, highlighted that there have been significant advancements in designing technology and prosthetics for individuals with disabilities, Bangkok Post reported.

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The SNMRI places great importance on the mental well-being of patients who have experienced permanent organ loss. Today, prosthetics are made with silicone, offering improved support for fingers, toes, hands, and forefoot replacements, as well as a more natural appearance, Dr Pairoj explained.

“These developments can help mentally support patients who lose their organs in accidents and those who have lesions or a congenital disorder, enabling them to return to society for a better life.”

SNMRI director Dr Pathra Angsuwan said that their silicone clinics were launched in 2012 with a rehabilitation team consisting of doctors, prosthetists, and specialists to offer assistance for silicone prosthetics.

Dr Pathra emphasised that only medically-certified technology and silicone materials are used in the manufacturing process, and all products are subjected to rigorous testing before being deemed suitable for commercial use. The clinic also follows up with each patient to ensure the products work effectively.

At SNMRI’s silicone clinic, customised prosthetics are designed and produced specifically for each patient, with options including skin complexion and even personalised artificial nails. Additionally, the clinic provides online consultation services for patients in remote areas who cannot visit in person.

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