Nearly 600 temples now offering free cremation services

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Prime Minister’s Office Minister Anucha Nakasai announced today that nearly 600 temples in Thailand are offering free cremation services for people who died from Covid.

The win-lose offer pertains to 62 temples in Bangkok and 124 temples near the capital. The remaining 407 temples offering free cremation services are spread throughout the country.

Bangkok temples are increasingly becoming overwhelmed with Covid bodies that need to be cremated. Recently, a crematorium even partially collapsed after pressure from burning too many bodies.

Anucha says that many temples are offering some of their free space to be used as field hospitals or pre-admission facilities. 118 such facilities at temples are ready to go. He also says that the National Office of Buddhism has been told to provide such temples with protective PPE suits, disinfectants, and to get vaccinations for the monks, undertakers, and other temple staff.

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The Thaiger reported earlier this month how a Pathum Thani temple was struggling to keep up with cremation services.


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