Shocking ink-ident: Famous tattoo artist’s alleged misconduct rattles Thailand

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The tale of a famous tattoo artist allegedly crossing the line with female customers has shocked the city of Nakhon Sawan in central Thailand. The account of a tattoo artist overstepping professional boundaries emerged from an online post shared on July 2, by a TikTok user identified as @3310qqq. The claims prompted wide debate and raised awareness about personal safety within the tattoo industry.

According to the online post, a friend of the TikTok user had her first tattoo experience marred when at a Nakhon Sawan City tattoo shop. The unnamed female friend alleged that the tattoo artist had acted improperly, touching her inappropriately while creating a tattoo on her chest. She had visited the shop alone for her second appointment with the artist, against her friend’s advice, only to experience traumatic harassment from the alleged professional.

The victim reportedly resisted the artist’s advances during the session. She also video-called her friend to deter the artist from any more inappropriate actions. Despite the incident, she resolved to finish the tattoo, only breaking down in tears once she left the shop. The victim’s friend called for the tattoo shop to publicly apologise and for the artist’s family to be made aware of his actions, reported KhaoSod.

Since the story was made public, a swarm of comments from other users started pouring in, many sharing similar stories. Some narrated that they too had experienced such invasive incidents during their tattoo sessions, while others expressed their shock at knowing such incidents were widespread. One user shared a particularly harrowing story of an artist who attempted to slip their hand into her trousers, leaving her paralysed with shock as her partner waited unsuspectingly outside the room.

Amidst these revelations, another comment disclosed that a recent tattoo experience on the chest had also been uncomfortable and alarming.

The artist had neglected to place a protective covering over her chest, which was typically done to respect the customer’s privacy. To make her experience even worse, the artist asked her partner to step out of the room under the pretext of buying something, leaving her alone with him.

Another user expressed regret and discomfort every time they saw their tattoo, wishing they could remove it for good.

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