Caught in the drama: Foreign Thai soap opera fan’s secret kissing clip leads to blackmail attempt

Photo via Facebook/ ฟรีน สโรชา จันทร์กิมฮะ / Freen - Sarocha Chankimha and Instagram/ seng_wichai

An unnamed foreign Thai soap opera fan tried to blackmail two actors after secretly filming them kissing in one of their apartments, believed to be in Bangkok, Thailand. The two Thai soap opera stars caught in the embrace were Sarocha “Freen” Chankimha and Wichai “Seng” Saefarn. Both actors star in the television series GAP The Series, which is popular among the Thai gay and straight community.

Many fans of the soap opera series hoped there was a real-life relationship between Freen and another actress named Rebecca Patricia Armstrong, known as Becky. However, the recent video of Freen kissing Seng has shattered the illusion for some of her supporters.

In a bizarre twist of reality and fantasy, some fans rallied in support of the two actors while others expressed disappointment in Freen for not living up to her on-screen connection and love affair with Becky.

Seng also appears in the GAP Series. Most of his previous works focused on the Y series, and some of his gay followers were also disappointed that he is now dating a girl.

Freen and Seng released separate videos of themselves revealing they are not gay and expressed sincere apologies to their fans for not living up to their expectations.

They both explained that the suspect recorded a video of them when they were in Freen’s condo. They believed that the voyeur recorded a video from an abandoned building which is located nearby.

On July 23, the suspect informed some of their soap opera fans and friends about the video’s existence and demanded payment to prevent its release on social media. When Freen and Seng did not comply with the blackmailer’s demands, the video was published on Twitter on July 28.

In a part of the video, Freen apologised to her fans.

“I apologise to every relevant department and the people for letting you all down. I hope everyone will see my sincerity from the first day of being an actress until now. I hope you will all respect my decision and respect me as a human who wants to live a normal life.”

Freen then thanked the fans who supported and encouraged her.

“I would like to say thank you to all the fans who love, care, and support me from the very beginning. Thank you so much for your care and for standing beside me. Thank you from all of my heart.”

Freen and Seng made it clear that they intended to pursue legal action against the suspect and anyone else who purchased or shared the video.

The actors’ soap opera production company, IDOLFACTORY, acknowledged the situation and successfully identified the foreign perpetrator. The legal teams representing the celebrities are now collaborating with international authorities to seek justice for the two.

Freen and Becky | Photo via Facebook/ ฟรีน สโรชา จันทร์กิมฮะ / Freen - Sarocha Chankimha
Freen and Becky | Photo via Facebook/ ฟรีน สโรชา จันทร์กิมฮะ / Freen – Sarocha Chankimha

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