Nakhon Pathom temple draws lottery hopefuls seeking divine luck

A temple in Nakhon Pathom province has become a hub for lottery enthusiasts as the draw date approaches. At Wat Sawang Arom, worshippers and gamblers alike are flocking to seek blessings and lucky numbers, particularly from the revered statues and the mystical water basin which has been associated with previous lottery wins.

Wat Sawang Arom, nestled in the district of Nakhon Chai Si, is witnessing an influx of visitors, with the atmosphere charged with anticipation and hope. The temple’s prayer hall, housing the sacred Buddha images known as Phra Ngan Phra Thong or Luang Phor Ruay, is a hotspot for those seeking divine intervention in their quest for fortune.

Moreover, the striking figure of Ta Thong Ngiew Rai, an elderly man sculpted sitting beside a water basin, has captured the attention of many. As the lottery draw nears, people are seen intently observing the water basin and shaking fortune sticks to divine winning numbers. Some even reach into a jar to pull out numbered eggs, a ritual believed to bring good luck.

In a recent visit just before the lottery draw, a 47 year old woman named Kamol, a vegetable seller from Kanchanaburi, shared her story of luck. Having previously won a prize by using numbers obtained from the temple, she returned with the hope of repeating her success. This time, she drew three eggs bearing the numbers 2, 1, 0 or 0, 1, 2 – numbers she feels particularly drawn to. Kamol vows to return to the temple to make merit should her numbers win again.

In this atmosphere brimming with hope and superstition, some visitors opt for a more tangible approach by placing a 100 or 20 baht banknote beside Ta Thong, exchanging it for a ‘good luck’ banknote in hopes that the numbers on it will bring them a fortune in the lottery.

Amidst the bustling crowd, vendors selling lottery tickets are quick to highlight the lucky numbers of the day. Numbers like 147, which is associated with Thursday, and other numbers linked to Ta Thong Ngiew Rai, such as 885 and 85, or 88, are prominently displayed for potential buyers to consider.

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As the lottery draws near, the excitement at Wat Sawang Arom offers a glimpse into the blend of faith and chance, where spirituality and the dreams of riches intersect. Whether or not fortunes change with the forthcoming draw, the temple will remain a place of hope for many, where the search for lucky numbers is as much a ritual as the prayers offered, reported KhaoSod.

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