Mysterious demise of young woman in Samut Songkhram sparks police probe

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A 22 year old woman was found dead and partially undressed in her home in Samut Songkhram Province, prompting a police investigation into the mysterious circumstances surrounding her demise. The incident occurred yesterday evening, and the police were alerted at 7.30pm yesterday, March 23.

The deceased, known only as Ajchara, was discovered lying on her bed, wearing a white shirt with the lower part of her body uncovered, and a pink cartoon-patterned blanket over her waist. The scene in the one-story concrete house, which had the bedroom built onto the back and a bathroom attached, showed no signs of struggle or search.

A pair of white trousers lay to the right of the body, a glass of water to the left, with a mobile phone charger and a green comb nearby. Several stuffed animals were propped against the window. The initial examination of the body revealed no wounds, and it was estimated that Ajchara had been dead for approximately two days.

Sommai, the 57 year old deceased’s mother-in-law, recounted that she noticed a foul smell while watering plants behind the house and realized she hadn’t seen her daughter-in-law that day. She called for her husband to check the room, which was unlocked, only to find Ajchara deceased.

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Suwit, the 59 year old stepfather of the deceased’s husband, mentioned that he last saw Ajchara the previous evening, March 22, eating dinner and conversing as usual before everyone went to sleep. He thought nothing of not seeing her the following morning, assuming she was in her room, a routine habit.

Further inquiries revealed that Ajchara’s husband was incarcerated at Samut Sakhon Province Prison, and the stepfather had been staying at the house for about one month and five days, confined to his room. The peculiar fact that Ajchara was found undressed from the waist down, given her noted attractiveness and good physique, raised suspicions, reported KhaoSod.

Investigators collected various pieces of evidence for detailed examination and sent the body for a thorough autopsy at the Police Hospital’s Forensic Institute to determine whether there were any signs of sexual assault and the cause of death. All relevant individuals have been summoned for questioning to gather evidence and ascertain the true cause behind this tragic event.

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