My Thai Boyfriend, new LGBTQA+ dating sim game inspired by Pattaya

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Game developer Alright Peaches Studio launched a dating simulator game inspired by the LGBTQA+ community in Pattaya called My Thai Boyfriend.

My Thai Boyfriend has been available on Steam since January 1. The game is a dating simulator, also known as a dating sim or visual novel, which allows players to interact and build relationships with characters in the video game.

This dating sim game is set in the city of Pattaya in Thailand and the game focuses mainly on a love story in the LGBTQA+ community in the area. The studio said the game contains LGBTQ+ content, and love from different genders.

“This game is mainly about pure love from a ladyboy to both male and female.”

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In the About This Game section, the developer stated that this is a galgame, a visual novel, and a funny game.

“It is a story about the love choices of a Thai ladyboy. She falls in love with both a man and a woman, and it is so hard for him to choose. Meanwhile, his boyfriend also falls in love with him and his girlfriend. So, it is also very difficult for him to make a choice.

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Several bizarre plot twists will unfold, providing players with a truly shocking and unique experience. It is based on a true story that happened in Pattaya, Thailand.”

The game begins with a foreign man visiting Pattaya for the first time. An attractive Thai woman suggests that he take a picture with her and even asks him to touch her body if he wants to.

The man refuses because he thinks it would be inappropriate to touch the woman. Suddenly, the woman directs his hand to touch her breast and reveals that she is a transwoman.

The game is available to try for only 69 baht in five languages including Thai, English, Chinese, and French. From the review section, three out of four players recommended this game.

One player said he was not impressed with the game. It took him only eight minutes to finish. He added that he found it the “dumbest” game he had ever played. Anyway, anyone who is interested in trying the game can get a refund if playing for less than two hours according to Steam refund rules.

The Alright Peaches Studio also offers another video game about hotels, entertainment venues, massage shops, and tourist destinations in Pattaya called Pattaya.

Due to limited information, it is not clear where the studio is based, but it is believed to be in China, as the main language in most of the studio’s games is Chinese.

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