Muay Thai fighter declared ‘brain dead’ after boxing match with Frenchman

A Muay Thai boxer named Phanphet Phadungchai has been in a state of brain death for three days after being knocked out by a French boxer during a match on Friday. His family reported that he is no longer being treated with stimulant medication but is still using a ventilator to breathe, contrary to reports online which stated that his family had removed the ventilator already.

Phanphet was rushed to hospital after he was knocked out by a Frenchman who goes by the ring name Anthony TFC Muay Thai during a match on Friday. The hospital found that Phanphet entered a state of brain death after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Brain death is the permanent, irreversible, and complete loss of brain function. A person diagnosed with brain death has no chance of recovery because their body is unable to survive without artificial life support.

Earlier today, CH7 reported that Phanphet’s family had removed the ventilator and that Phanphet had passed away. However, Thai Rath more recently reported that Phanphet’s family had not yet permitted doctors to remove the ventilator.

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Thai Rath‘s article cites a recent Facebook post from a family member that states…

“[Phanphet’s] mother and wife have given consent for Phanphet to stop being treated with stimulants. However, he is still using the ventilator to breathe. We are waiting for a miracle.”

Phanpet used to compete for Thailand’s national Muay Thai team, winning a silver medal at the 2019 SEA games in the Philippines.

SOURCE: Thai Rath

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