Mother blames Bangkok hospital for the death of her baby

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash and Saimai Survive

The devastated mother of a stillborn baby blames the hospital near Bangkok where she gave birth for the death of her child. Remarkably, the hospital blames the mother for not trying hard enough.

The family of the tragedy is demanding justice after it emerged there was no doctor in the delivery room as the pregnant woman, 25 year old Noi Aoonnoi, attempted to give birth. Instead, the doctor allegedly gave instructions to the nurses in theatre via a video call.

The non-profit organization Saimai Survive highlighted the story on its Facebook page on Tuesday. The caption said…

“A hospital in Pathum Thani. A Mother is heartbroken. The baby died after inhaling amniotic fluid.”

Noi revealed to Saimai Survive that she visited Thanyaburi Hospital near Bangkok to give birth at midday on August 19 but struggled with the labour. She said everything was a struggle and the operation took more than three hours.

The pregnant woman said no doctor was providing maternal assistance in the delivery room and the nurses and their assistants worked alone. She added a doctor made a video call to help guide them through the birthing process without success.

Noi said she couldn’t push the baby out and cried for a caesarean section delivery but the doctor refused to allow it.

At about 3.30pm the doctor in the video call told the nurses to use a vacuum extraction and ten minutes later, at about 3.40pm, the baby was delivered. But it did not cry and lost consciousness.

The baby was then sent to another hospital but it did not survive.

Noi said the doctor and nurses blamed her, saying she didn’t try hard enough to push the baby out while cruel medical workers told her to control her mind because she wasn’t healthy and neither was her baby from the beginning.

The director of the hospital, Sarawut Thanaseri, informed the media yesterday that the hospital acknowledged the case and is gathering information about the incident and will submit it to the Pathum Thani Provincial Public Health Office.

Sarawut added that officers from the provincial public health office would host a press conference about the issue later.

SOURCE: Thairath | MRG Online

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