Monkey madness: Thai man’s roadside pee leads to wild monkey attack

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A Thai man faced the terrifying ordeal of being attacked by a gang of more than 10 monkeys after he decided to have a pee on the roadside in the southern province of Ranong. The unsuspecting victim tried to fight back, but fate had other plans, as he stumbled and fell down a steep 50-metre cliff. It was a wild and chaotic scene, witnessed by a motorist who rushed to report the monkey attack to Nasak Police Station.

The police, realizing the severity of the situation, called in a rescue team to retrieve the injured man from the bottom of the treacherous cliff. The victim, 44 year old Manee Chitdutsadee, is nursing severe wounds from the fall and aggressive macaque assault in a nearby hospital.

According to the rescuer, Pithak Jaidee, who spoke to ThaiRath, Manee was in dire condition but still able to recount the shocking incident to the rescue team. He revealed that Manee had been using this route daily for his work commute without any prior monkey troubles. It was just an ordinary day when nature’s call led him to a dangerous encounter with the mischievous monkeys.

As Manee relieved himself on the roadside, he was taken by surprise when a pig-tailed macaque appeared out of nowhere and attacked him.

In an attempt to defend himself, Manee unintentionally tumbled down the perilous cliff, where the hostile monkey and its gang of companions continued their relentless assault on the helpless man. Thankfully, a compassionate motorist intervened, scaring off the belligerent monkeys with well-aimed rocks, and paving the way for the rescue operation.

The route, shrouded by dense forest, is known to be frequented by wild animals, including elephants, cows, and monkeys. Although motorists had often sighted these creatures, no one had ever fallen victim to such an aggressive attack before.

Manee’s condition remains stable as the relevant authorities continue to monitor his recovery at Sawee Hospital in Ranong.

The unfortunate victim joins a list of other unfortunate victims of monkey misdemeanours.

Just last year, a Thai woman sought help from national park authorities in Si Sagate, Isaan province, after a monkey stole her tote bag containing 50,000 baht and stashed it at the bottom of a cliff.

The authorities later found a trove of stolen items in the monkey’s secret hoard. And in March of this year, a family from Australia shared their own harrowing experience of battling monkeys on a beach in Koh Phi Phi, Krabi province. Despite feeling remorse for having to protect their baby, they had no choice but to defend themselves against the aggressive simians.

The lesson learned? When nature calls, it’s best to beware of the cheeky monkeys lurking nearby!

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