Monk-turned-ladyboy bites back at netizens questioning how she bought a BMW

Former monk Phra Maha Phraiwan – now a ladyboy and influencer who goes by the nickname “Prairie” – ditched the orange robes for an orange dress and bought a BMW. Prairie has snapped back at netizens asking her, “How did you get so rich?”

Phra Maha Phraiwan – also a successful writer – rose to fame in 2021 for his popular Buddhist sermons, having completed a degree in the ‘Ninth Level’ of Pali studies – a notoriously difficult degree, which is the highest level of study for Buddhist monks and nuns in Thailand. Very few monastics pass the exams.

Up to 100,000 people would tune in to watch Phra Maha Phraiwan’s live sermons, so his fans were utterly shocked when he decided to leave the monkhood in December 2021 to be a full-time influencer.

Recently, Prairie bought a BMW for 3.6 million baht, and netizens questioned where the money came from. On Prairie’s Facebook page, which has 2.3 million followers, she explained how she ended up with the luxury car…

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“I work every day! Working 4 or 5 different jobs a day – selling everything from durians, chilli paste, and chilli sauce. Why can’t I buy it?”

“I outright bought the BMW. I’m bored of finance. The car is my second home, I travel in it to work every day and eat in the car. The car is everything to me. If you want something, grow up and buy it. That’s my motto. I’ve said it before, I live for myself. I have to make a living. Although I used to wear monks’ robes, I still have to earn a living.”

SOURCE: Daily News

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