Monk & nun squat in protest for world peace near Russian Embassy

Photo via Facebook/ ข่องข่าวสภา ประชาชนแห่งชาติไทย

A Buddhist monk and a nun squatting on a pavement in front of the Russian Embassy in Bangkok in protest over the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, hope President Vladimir Putin will acknowledge their world peace vigil from space.

The couple’s campaign may be seen as honourable in the eyes of many citizens but the same can’t be said of pedestrians in the area who are not happy because they are forced to walk on the road instead of the footpath.

A Thai TikTok user posted a video of the couple’s pavement shelter near the Embassy of Russia in Bangkok with the caption that said…

“Please give the pavement back to pedestrians. #SupRoad #RussianEmbassy.” Watch the video HERE.

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A Facebook page named, Hey! This is Thai Footpath, complained about the shelter in October last year. The page said…

“Now, the footpath in the city centre has turned into a slum.”

Khaosod reported that the shelter is located on a footpath along Sup Road across from the Russian Embassy in the Bang Rak district of Bangkok.

The monk and nun have lived in the shelter for over a year. The shelter is equipped with appliances, utensils, bedding sets, and other daily necessities, as well as a 1-meter-high Buddha statue. Vinyl banners in front of the shelter display messages in four languages to both the President of Russia and the President of the People’s Republic of China saying…

“Welcome Mr President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)” and “Welcome Mr President Vladimir Putin of Russia”

The monk, Phra Maha Wicharn Thammatheepo, who is also president of the Centre for World Peace, gave an interview with Khaosod yesterday. He said…

“This area belongs to the Everlasting World Peace Temple. We want the war between Ukraine and Russia to stop. It is time for monks to do their duties. I chose to set up the shelter here because I want Putin to see our banners from space. I hope he will be calm after seeing the Buddha statue and banners. Wars will kill everybody.”

The monk added that no one has come to chase him away. He said…

“Pedestrians should sacrifice their own benefits for world peace. Being selfish leads to disaster. I have been here for a year and have not seen anyone wanting me to leave.”

Despite complaints from pedestrians, the monk and nun have not been chased by the authorities while relevant departments responsible for the pavements in Bangkok have not responded to any complaints.

The pavements in Bangkok are under the supervision of three main departments under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) including the Public Work Department, the Municipal Department, and each district office.

This standoff looks likely to go on.

Monk & nun squat in protest for world peace near Russian Embassy | News by Thaiger

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