Naked Buddhist monk stuns Udon Thani residents as he sheds robes in public

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An alarming incident took place in the Udon Thani province of Thailand when a 42 year old Buddhist monk, identified as Damrongsak, suddenly disrobed and walked naked in the streets, unsettling nearby residents.

The monk, who originally hails from Ban Pho Chon Temple in Phetchabun province, was discovered having discarded his garments near a local community school, yesterday, May 21, reported Sanook. Upon investigation, Damrong was found to hold a valid identification, verifying his position as a religious figure.

Damrongsak’s behaviour immediately drew concern from those who witnessed the scene, as the naked monk crossed the street to a food stall, owned by a 42 year old woman named Suphaporn and her 43 year old brother Chaiya Lasonti.

Damrongsak climbed into a bronze Nissan pick-up truck—registration plate KhS 5258 Chonburi—owned by Chaiya, making matters more alarming for the onlookers who had never encountered something like this. To help contain the situation, Chaiya and Suphaporn offered Damrongsak water and urged the monk back into his garments, cleaning him up before authorities intervened.

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Upon questioning, Damrongsak revealed that he had initially travelled from his temple in search of family members situated in neighbouring districts. The monk’s erratic behaviour led to speculation amongst authorities that he suffered from psychiatric issues which were exacerbated by a lack of medication, rendering him temporarily unstable. Consequently, he was taken to Udon Thani Centre Hospital to receive the necessary treatment to calm his emotional state.

Suphaporn and Chaiya expressed their shock and apprehension surrounding the situation, with the food stall owner stating that the key priority was to ensure the monk’s appropriate attire and to prevent the distress of any relatives or acquaintances.

In a separate account, a 48 year old local vendor, Pairat Saebthong, detailed the unsettling events that unfolded when Damrong displayed signs of mental instability and abruptly disrobed in front of the school. Although witnesses such as Pairat were left frightened, it was evident that Damrong was neither intoxicated nor under the influence of illegal substances, pointing toward the likelihood of a neurological ordeal as the cause of his actions.

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