Miss Universe runner-up Anntonia Porsild involved in shocking motorway accident (video)

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A shocking motorway accident involving Anntonia Porsild, the runner-up in the Miss Universe 2023 contest, sparked widespread concern among her fans. The incident occurred on the evening of November 23 while Anntonia was en route to Mexico Airport to return to Thailand.

The driver, unfamiliar with the route, was speeding and missed the airport exit sign. In a dangerous move, the driver decided to make an illegal turn on the highway, leading to a collision with a vintage car following behind.

Anntonia was travelling with Angie (the daughter of Pui, the owner of the Miss Universe Thailand franchise) when their driver, unfamiliar with the road, sped past the airport exit. In a risky decision, the driver attempted to reverse on the highway, which resulted in a severe collision with a following vintage car.

However, thanks to the sturdiness of the old vintage car, Anntonia’s vehicle sustained only minor scratches. The vintage car, however, was severely damaged.

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Following the incident, Anntonia took to live streaming to recount her horrifying motorway accident while on her way to the airport to prepare for her return to Thailand.

She also used the platform to caution road users, hoping that her experience could serve as a warning to others to be more cautious on the road.


Eto na po yung bidyow mga Atii! Wag niyo na pasabugin notif ko po😅🥲 #missuniversethailand

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“We were on our way to the airport, in the car with Angie. It seemed like the driver didn’t know the way. When we passed the turn-off, he missed it and decided to reverse on the highway.

“It was extremely dangerous. We were then hit by a car. I just want to say that if it had been a bus, Angie and I would be in the hospital now. I want everyone to be careful when driving. If you miss a sign or a turn, don’t reverse on the highway. It’s very dangerous.”

Thankfully, both Anntonia and Angie are safe and are currently on their way back to Thailand, reported KhaoSod.

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