MFP’s Rangsiman Rome in talks with Royal Thai Army

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Rangsiman Rome, Chairman of the State Security Commission Thai border affairs National Strategy and National Reform and a member of the House of Representatives, was in talks with the Royal Thai Army (RTA) in an attempt to build closer relations and gain better mutual understanding.

A joint press conference with General Songwit Nunpakdee, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces was held yesterday, December 15. A discussion which lasted approximately 3 hours at the Supreme Command Headquarters followed afterward.

Rangsiman stated that he admires the Royal Thai Armed Forces and has learned that the Thai army has adapted to changes in the world including the increase in the number of female soldiers which reflects developments in gender equality within the Thai military.

The Chairman also praised the Commander-in-Chief for his work in repatriating Thai nationals from Myanmar, as well as providing assistance to Thai people caught in the Israel crisis. Rangsiman referred to the southern border provinces and the Mekong Basin situation, commending the Security Department for their work.

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“The new generation of military officers, in their thirties and forties, were invited to exchange views and ideas with the commissioners because the Thai Army does not belong to the Commander-in-Chief; it belongs to everyone. Everyone has a duty.

“We understand each other better. This is the direction the committee wants to see and will foster better communication with political parties.”

The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters has delegated General Manat Chandi, Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces as an advisor to the chairman of the commission. In turn, Lalita Hanwong from the Committee will serve as an advisor to the Thai army regarding the Thai-Myanmar border issue.

In related news, the RTA has been ordered to pay over 2 million baht in compensation to the family of Chaiyaphum Pa-sae, a human rights defender from the Lahu tribe, as ruled by the Supreme Court today. This case stems from an incident in 2017 where Chaiyaphum was shot dead by military officials at a checkpoint in Chiang Mai. Despite previous rulings dismissing the case, the Supreme Court made this landmark decision after review. Read more about this story HERE.

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