Indian Parliament: Security breach sees teacher arrested (video)

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Indian authorities have apprehended a man described as the key accused in the recent Parliament security breach that shocked the nation.

Lalit Jha, a teacher who dramatically surrendered to the police in Delhi on December 14, marking a significant development in the unfolding scandal.

The security breach, which occurred on the 22nd anniversary of a deadly militant attack on the parliament, has gripped headlines since December 13. Two daring individuals, identified as Manoranjan D and Sagar Sharma, infiltrated the MPs’ chamber, unleashing chaos with slogans and smoke. Neelam and Amol Shinde, apprehended for shouting slogans and releasing coloured gas outside the house, complete the quartet.

These individuals, all in their twenties and thirties, claim to be unemployed, expressing their frustration with the government’s policies. However, authorities are yet to establish any direct connections with political organisations.

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The spotlight, however, intensifies on Jha, the alleged suspect orchestrating the security breach. Jha, maintaining silence since the incident, surrendered with another individual, both now in police custody, according to reports from The Times of India.

Additional Public Prosecutor Atul Srivastava, addressing a Delhi court on December 13, unveiled a startling revelation, deeming the security breach a well-planned conspiracy. This revelation has not only triggered a security alarm but also ignited a political firestorm. In response to the breach, 14 opposition lawmakers faced suspension from parliament on December 14, fuelling demands for a discussion and statements from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, reported BBC News.

Adding to the political turmoil is the call for action against Pratap Simha, a BJP MP alleged to have signed the passes used by the intruders to access the public gallery in parliament. Despite the mounting pressure, neither Simha nor the BJP have officially commented on the accusations.

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