Market vendor goes to police station, reports a spirit is harassing her

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A Thai woman in northern province Phrae went to the local police station to report that a spirit was harassing her. The 39 year old market vendor who sells boiled corn told police the spirit was trying to possess her body and causing her heart and abdominal pain, according to the Thai media outlet Thairath. She tried taking medicine, but it did not help. She says the spirit has been harassing her for 3 months.

The woman tried a ritual with blessed water to rid the spirit. Apparently, it worked for a short time, but the heart and abdominal pain returned. Convinced that the pain was due to a spirit, the woman went to the police for help.

Since the spiritual world is a matter of belief, and police don’t do paranormal investigations, the vendor was told to go to a temple. A report in Thai media says the woman will do another magical bath to get rid of a spirit.

In Thailand, which has a superstitious culture and spirit houses outside many homes and businesses, reports of hauntings are not uncommon. Sometimes, police do step in when there is a report of a ghost.

Back in 2017, police stepped in to help a village that was said to be haunted. The Bangkok Post reported that a district police chief wrote a letter to the local police commander asking him to send police to help provide security for a village haunted by the legendary Thai ghost “phee pob.” In Thai folklore, the ghost can possess a human, causing them to eat raw meat. In this case, the village chief claimed the ghost led to the deaths of 4 animals and caused 4 residents to get sick.

Nateetorn Sinthopwaragul contributed to this report.

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