Man stabs childhood friend after dispute over stolen cannabis

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A young man fatally stabbed his childhood friend yesterday following a heated argument over stolen cannabis. The victim was transported to a local hospital.

The incident took place yesterday, June 6, at 9pm, and was reported to the police in Nong Bua Lamphu, where rescue officials initially provided first aid before transporting the victim to a local hospital.

Upon arrival at Nong Bua Lamphu Hospital, the victim, 25 year old Amarin, was pronounced dead due to severe injuries from two stab wounds to his abdomen.

Police Chief Krittidech Pathumapattanon and his investigative team visited the scene and later apprehended the suspect, 24 year old Phawinkrit, who lived in the same village and had known the victim since childhood.

Phawinkrit confessed that he had purchased the cannabis from Amarin, who ran a garage as a front for his drug dealings. After buying the cannabis, Phawinkrit stopped by another friend’s house and accidentally left the cannabis there.

When he returned to retrieve it, he discovered that his friend had smoked it all without permission. This led to ongoing tensions between them.

A few days later, Phawinkrit encountered the friend who had taken the cannabis at a local shop and confronted him. Amarin, who was also at the shop, sided with the friend, leading Phawinkrit to decide to cut ties with the entire group.

Matters escalated when Phawinkrit’s beloved guitar went missing, and he suspected the same group of friends.

Phawinkrit challenged the group to confront him at his home. Yesterday, Amarin and four to five other friends showed up at Phawinkrit’s house. Upon arrival, they restrained and punched him multiple times. In self-defence, Phawinkrit reached for a knife in his waist pouch and stabbed Amarin twice.

Amarin staggered out into the street, where Phawinkrit, still enraged, followed and taunted him.

“See, the friends you sided with have run away, leaving you to die alone.”

After the attack, Phawinkrit attempted to flee but was soon captured by the police. Authorities remain sceptical of Phawinkrit’s account, suspecting that there might be more to the story than a mere dispute over stolen cannabis. The investigation is ongoing to uncover the true motive behind the fatal altercation, reported Khaosod.

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