Man stabbed to death by superstitious friend

A man was stabbed to death yesterday by a superstitious friend who believed an amulet the victim wore made him immortal. The delusional offender, who was only released from prison last year after murdering someone else, wanted to test the victim’s mortality by stabbing him.

Police reported that 44 year old Auttapon Na Nakhon was stabbed to death by his friend, 51 year old Withun (surname reserved), on Sunday, November 6, in front of a house in the Klong Toey area of Bangkok.

The injured Auttapon managed to escape the scene and flagged down a motorcycle rider who tried to take him to hospital. Unfortunately, the stab victim died on the way.

The motorcycle rider reported that Auttapon revealed details of the incident before he died, that Auttapon was stabbed by Withun because of the amulet he wore.

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Officers from Tha Ruer Police Station investigated the house and checked the CCTV camera. The video showed the two friends drinking together with some work colleagues at the house.

The footage reveals that they went out together to pee near the house with Auttapon returning to the party first. Withun followed and is seen and heard asking to see the amulet Auttapon wore.

Auttapon allowed Withun to look closer at his amulet. Auttapon said…

“Why bro? Do you have any sacred amulet to give me?”

Withun said…

“Can I test?”

Autthapon said…

“Test what? No, no, bro, it’s not good. I’m not immortal bro.”

Withun said…

“I thought you have a good amulet. Let’s see.”

It was here that Withun suddenly stabbed Auttapon in the chest.

According to a report on Khasod, the two men drank together almost every day and had never had any row before, but Withum has previous form for murder.

He was imprisoned four years ago in the southern province of Thailand. He was released last year and traveled to work in Bangkok.

The police are now searching for Withun and believe he is still hiding in the Klong Toey area.

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