Man killed in conflict between woman and her drug addict son (video)

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A drug addict killed a Thai teacher at a grocery store in the Isaan province of Chaiyaphum after the victim intervened in a dispute between him and his mother.

The victim, 53 year old Thaweesak Chanpanya, was a teacher at Baan Na Raya School in the Phakdee Chumphon district of Chaiyaphum. He also ran a local grocery shop with his wife after work. Thaweesak suffered fatal injuries after the physical assault on December 9 and died in hospital three days later on December 12.

Channel 3 reported that the murderer was a 25 year old Thai drug addict named Teerachai, who lived 100 metres away from Thaweesak’s shop. He is now under arrest and detained at Phakdee Chumphon Police Station.

CCTV cameras at Thaweesak’s shop recorded the entire incident on December 9. The killer, Teerachai, was seen arguing with his mother in the shop. He demanded 200 baht from his mother to buy drugs but she refused.

The dispute escalated, prompting Thaweesak to intervene in an attempt to defuse the situation. Advising them to go home, Thaweesak’s words instead angered Teerachai, who immediately launched an attack on Thaweesak.

Teerachai was witnessed relentlessly punching and kicking Thaweesak until the victim collapsed. To halt the assault, Thaweesak’s wife and Teerachai’s mother intervened but sustained injuries in the process. Teerachai eventually ceased the attack and fled the scene on his motorcycle.

Thaweesak was rushed to the hospital by his wife and neighbours but succumbed to his injuries after a few days of treatment. The severity of the injuries included significant damage to his head and brain, resulting in a brain bleed.

The local community mourned the loss of Thaweesak, acknowledging him as a good neighbour and teacher. It was revealed that Teerachai had been a former pupil of Thaweesak during his youth.

Expressing sorrow and shock at the loss of his best friend, Thaweesak’s 54 year old friend, Pornnarai, informed Channel 3 that Thaweesak, on the brink of retirement, had anticipated a peaceful life running his grocery shop.

Pornnarai said he noticed more and more drug addicts and drug-related violence since the government changed drug laws and introduced new cannabis laws. He wants the government to pay more attention to drug problems.

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