Man goes fishing in the road to prove a point in northeast Thailand

A man from Nakhon Ratchasima province, northeast Thailand, sarcastically grabbed his fishing rod and launched it into a pond-sized pothole this morning in an attempt to bring attention to the sorry state of road affairs in Non Man Thet village. The village has been waiting over 10 years for the road to be repaired and he has had enough.

The road in question links Non Sung and Chaloem Phrakiat district, so it sees a lot of traffic. But there’s more potholes than actual road, presenting a danger to the numerous vehicles passing through every day, especially in monsoon season.

The giant pothole is located right outside a school and is an obstacle that students face every day on their way to and from school, said the “fisherman.”

He approached the authorities several times over the years to ask when the road would be fixed. When villagers asked for the road to be repaired, they were told to “calm down, be patient and wait.” After 10 years of waiting, the villagers don’t feel like help is coming any time soon.

The 2 kilometre road is the responsibility of the Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Administrative Organisation, who will hopefully expedite the road repairs once they catch wind of the villager’s one-man protest.

In 2020, residents of Chon Buri released catfish into potholes in Huay Kapi subdistrict to mock the negligence of government agencies who had refused to repair potholes in the roads for several years.



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