Bangkok man falls to death as utility shaft lid collapses

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A tragic accident occurred today in the heart of Bangkok when a man estimated to be between 55 and 60 years old, fell to his death down a deep manhole utility shaft at the mouth of Soi Lat Phrao 49. Rescuers have retrieved his body from the shaft measuring over 20 metres deep, prompting an urgent investigation by the authorities.

The man was merely crossing the street when he fell into a conduit meant for electrical cabling. The shaft, containing water, was covered with a decaying compressed wood lid that gave way under his weight.

Despite immediate emergency response efforts, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

By noon, the emergency teams managed to recover the man’s body from the depths of the shaft after more than an hour-long operation using pulley systems.

The authorities are now working to determine the cause of the incident, focusing on the condition of the manhole cover and the maintenance of the utility shaft. Investigations revealed that the compressed wood lid of the shaft had deteriorated, possibly due to the consistent watering of nearby plants, which may have contributed to the wood’s decay.

Initial reports suggest that local enforcement officers, who were present at the scene when the man fell, made ill-fated attempts to rescue him.

The enforcement officers repeatedly warned pedestrians not to cross the road at that particular spot, advising them to use a nearby pedestrian bridge instead.

The head of the Chokchai Police Station disclosed that contractors would be questioned as part of the investigation. The authorities need to ascertain whether negligence played a role in this tragedy, as the shaft is a part of the infrastructure of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority.

The man is believed to have been a local in the area. Police investigators are expediting their inquiries to establish the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

The incident has cast a shadow over the city and raised concerns about the safety of Bangkok’s street infrastructure, particularly about the city’s ongoing expansion of its electric train network.

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