Man dies holding inhaler during social gathering in Prachuap Khiri Khan

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A middle-aged man suffering from asthma passed away during a casual gathering with friends in the Khlong Wan district of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

The deceased, identified as 46 year old Subin, was found lying on his side with an asthma inhaler tightly gripped in his right hand, suggesting he might have been struggling with a severe asthma attack before his untimely death.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Panom Hongthong, an investigative officer from the Klong Wan Police Station, along with patrol officers, emergency physicians from Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital, and rescue workers from the Sawang Prachuap Thammasathan Foundation, responded to a distress call.

They arrived at the scene to conduct an examination and determined that Subin had been dead for approximately one hour. There were no signs of external injuries, foul play, or struggle observed on his body.

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Subin’s friend, known as Goh, expressed that he had known the victim for about a week. Subin would frequently join others for dinner, drinks, and kratom water behind a friend’s house every evening. He was a fishing boat captain who missed his ship and often complained of stress.

After the social gathering had concluded, as everyone was leaving, Goh went to borrow a motorcycle from a neighbour to drive Subin home. Upon his return, he found Subin lifeless.

Goh further remarked that the homeowner and other friends witnessed Subin displaying symptoms akin to possession, with heavy coughing and body shaking but without vomiting any food. Subin then collapsed against a wall, crushing a cactus and a succulent behind the house in his fall, still clutching the asthma inhaler.

It is suspected that he might not have managed to administer his medication in time, which could have led to his death. The police were immediately called for assistance, reported KhaoSod.

The witnesses, including Goh and the homeowner, confessed to being frightened by the presence of a dead body, which left them in a state of panic and unable to act appropriately. The authorities transported Subin’s body to Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital and notified his relatives to collect his remains for religious rites.

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