Man arrested for child abduction, allegedly raping her 24 times

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A man in Nakhon Ratchasima is currently facing charges for luring a 14 year old girl to live with him, engaging in sexual relations with her 24 times since April, facing charges of child abduction and statutory rape of a minor.

An official from the National Rescue Organisation (NRO), Nalin Rojanawatthikorn, accompanied the mother and her teenage daughter to report the incident to the police at Chum Phuang Police Station in Nakhon Ratchasima.

The mother, who had been working in Chon Buri, found out upon her return home that her daughter had been staying at a 29 year old man’s house for almost a month.

The mother tried to negotiate an engagement in accordance with tradition but the alleged pedophile, Fluke, evaded responsibility and insulted the family, stating that no one would take them seriously due to their poverty.

The teenage girl explained that Fluke, who lived nearby, frequently visited her, sweet-talking and persuading her to move in with him. He promised to take care of her and asked her to live at his house, citing her family’s financial struggles as the reason.

The girl eventually bought into Fluke’s deception and moved to his house in April. Her mother found out when she returned home in May and sought to arrange a formal engagement but was refused. The mother, feeling deeply hurt, demanded 150,000 baht in damages when Fluke’s family also rejected the engagement, stating that their son was too good for a poor girl.

The situation escalated when Fluke’s family not only refused to negotiate but also challenged the mother to report the incident to the police, insinuating that no one would help her due to her financial status. Desperate for justice, the mother reached out to a prominent Facebook page, which had a history of aiding in similar child abduction cases.

Following the report, the police charged Fluke with several offences, including taking a child under 15 years old away from their parents or guardians for immoral purposes, and statutory rape of a minor under 15, regardless of consent. The teenage girl admitted that she had engaged in sexual activities with Fluke 24 times during her stay, leading to 24 separate charges, reported KhaoSod.

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