Lottery frenzy blooms as human-like face graces 50 year old Longan tree bark

Picture courtesy of Habaib Al Mukarramah.

The sight of a human-like face appearing on the bark of a 50 year old Longan tree has led to a local lottery frenzy. The evergreen deciduous tree, located at the Farmers’ Council Coordination Centre in Phayao province, has become an attraction for both local and out-of-town denizens seeking lottery fortune, discovering apparent lucky numbers 11 and 528 after rubbing flour on the peculiar formation. The incident has stirred excitement ahead of the lottery draw on July 31.

On July 26, villagers began flocking to offer prayers and perform rituals at the Longan tree, which has a trunk girth that needs two people to embrace and stands about 20 metres high. After lighting candles and incense and rubbing flour over the face-shaped formation, they claimed to have discovered two- and three-digit numbers, which they interpreted as potential lucky numbers for the upcoming lottery.

The numbers found were 11 (two-digit) and 528 (three-digit), while the incense stick read 229, leading many villagers to photograph the sight as evidence when purchasing their lottery tickets for the next draw on Monday, July 31.

Observers of this Longan tree in front of the Coordination Centre of the Farmer’s Council in Phayao denoted how this human-like face emerged from the trunk.

The facial likeness appeared complete with a head, eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth, chin, and neck, it looks a bit like a figure with its head bowed. The 50 year old Longan tree which measures approximately 20 metres in height and requires two individuals to wrap around its trunk, has astounded those passersby who stumble upon its sight.

As per local beliefs, it’s speculated that this tree might be a dwelling place for some spirit or fairy. Upon knowing this, residents rush to offer prayers, candles, incense, and flour to fortuitously ask for luck. Today, after performing the candle lighting ceremony, residents rubbed flour on the tree and claimed to find both two digits and three digits, including numbers 11 and 528 respectively.

The incense stick even revealed the number 229. Eventually, all these self-proclaimed lucky numbers were photographed to be remembered while buying lotteries for the upcoming draw on July 31.

This quirky phenomenon has intrigued both lottery enthusiasts and casual observers, shedding light on a unique cultural blend of nature, spirituality, and fortune-seeking behaviour among Thai locals.

As relations between the community and this unassuming Longan tree continue to evolve, it is clear that this sight is more than just a botanical curiosity. It serves as a symbol of hope and a rallying point for shared experiences in the pursuit of fortune. However, as the frenzy continues to escalate, only time will tell whether the lucky numbers will indeed bring a stroke of fortune to those who have placed their bets on the face of the Longan tree.

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