Nakhon Ratchasima temple event features 200,000 baht giveaway

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A local temple in Nakhon Ratchasima province was the scene of high excitement as a contractor organised a lively merit-making event, giving away prizes including cash, fans, and refrigerators worth over 200,000 baht. The ceremony, which took place yesterday, May 12, in front of the Ton Temple’s main hall, drew thousands from the surrounding community, all eager to participate and possibly win a prize.

A 46 year old man, Chusak Kongkaewphanao, and his 42 yeas old wife, Wipa Kongkaewphanao, residents of 117/2 Moo 11, Ton, Nong Rawiang, Mueang district, are the owners of a soil filling business who arranged the ordination ceremony for their 20 year old son, Chakrindra Kongkaewphanao.

The event was not only a spiritual milestone but also featured an extravagant giveaway as part of the ordination’s festivities. The couple decorated the venue with heavy machinery, including tractors and forklifts, showcasing the family business.

The highlight of the event was a merit-making lottery, where coins and banknotes were scattered for the attendees to collect. Additionally, coupons were distributed for fans and refrigerators, cumulatively valued at more than 200,000 baht. The anticipation and excitement were tangible as villagers from nearby areas flocked to the temple, hoping to win one of the prizes.

The hosts hired a large parade, with hundreds of dancers accompanying the ordination procession to the temple. Once the religious ceremony was complete, the couple distributed the cash prizes and coupons. The fortunate ones who collected the right coupons could immediately redeem them for fans and refrigerators.

Chusak shared that his soil-filling business had provided him with the means to give back to the community, especially on this significant occasion of his son’s ordination. He intended the gifts of fans and refrigerators to bring coolness and comfort to the recipients during the country’s sweltering weather, where temperatures often soar above 40 degrees Celsius.

In total, the family gave away 50 fans and three refrigerators, along with cash prizes meticulously prepared by his wife over five months.

The generous giveaway made the ceremony a unique and unforgettable event for the local community. More than a thousand neighbours participated, and the winners’ joyous shouts added to the festive atmosphere. Chusak expressed his satisfaction and pride in organizing such a successful event, which also served as a heartwarming experience for him and his family, reported Sanook.

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