Lawyer of cyanide serial killer accused of hiding and damaging evidence

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Thannicha “Patch” Ek-suwannawat, the lawyer representing the Thai cyanide serial killer, is facing allegations of hiding and damaging crucial evidence. Despite being summoned, Patch has not responded and instead intends to file a complaint against the police.

Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn, the cyanide serial killer, has yet to confess to her alleged crimes, despite compelling evidence against her. Investigators have uncovered that Sararat, a gambling addict burdened with significant debts, resorted to murdering her victims to obtain funds for both debt settlement and to fuel her gambling addiction.

The ongoing investigation revealed that Sararat’s lawyer, Patch, allegedly attempted to aid the murder suspect in evading justice. Patch stands accused of violating Section 184 of the Criminal Law, which pertains to the concealment or destruction of evidence to help another person avoid punishment or receive reduced penalties.

According to police reports, Patch facilitated the transfer of her last victim’s belongings to Sararat’s latest victim, Siriporn “Koy” Khanwong, through Sararat’s sister-in-law to a close friend residing in the Petchaburi province in southern Thailand.

Patch initially claimed she would address the accusations levied against her at the police station on Monday, May 22, but failed to appear. Today, officers extended another invitation to Patch, requesting her presence at the police station on Tuesday, May 30, at 1pm.

Two weeks ago, Sararat switched legal representation from Patch to Chinnakupt Taiyakorn. However, Chinnakupt later declined the case due to Sararat persistently denying her involvement in the crimes.

Last week, Patch disclosed her and Sararat’s intention to file a complaint against the police, accusing an officer of misconduct under Section 157 of the Criminal Law.

The police have stated that if Patch fails to appear for questioning on May 30, they will issue another summons. Should she refuse to meet with the officer for a third time, an arrest warrant will be issued against her.

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