Lat Phrao condo residents in deep water over parasitic health scare

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A condominium in the Lat Phrao area is currently facing a serious health crisis due to a parasitic infection in the water supply. Over 100 residents have been affected, with some at risk of blindness if medical treatment is delayed.

Social media influencer Pook Sukonta Berthebaud brought the issue to light, posting on Facebook about the distressing situation. Residents have reported infections from Acanthamoeba and Microsporidia, identified through tests conducted by Chulalongkorn and Siriraj hospitals.

One resident wrote a plea.

“Dear Pook, could you please help spread the word about our situation? Our condominium in Lat Phrao is in dire straits due to a parasitic infection in the water. The management has not resolved the issue and has advised us to install water filters ourselves. This is unacceptable for a condominium that costs nearly 10 million baht. We can’t live like this.”

Despite the severity of the situation, the condominium’s management has yet to take comprehensive action. Residents expressed frustration over the lack of response and the expectation that they should handle the problem independently. The affected individuals argue that the management’s suggestion to purchase personal water filters is insufficient and neglectful of their health and safety.

“It’s not right that we have to live like this, especially considering the price we paid for these units. Some of us are at risk of losing our sight if we don’t get timely medical attention.”

The parasitic infections have caused significant alarm among the residents. Acanthamoeba is known to cause severe eye infections, which can lead to blindness if not treated promptly. Microsporidia, on the other hand, can cause various health issues, particularly in those with weakened immune systems. The discovery of these parasites in the water supply has understandably led to widespread concern and a demand for immediate action.

Residents have taken to social media and other platforms to voice their grievances and seek assistance. They have emphasised the urgency of the situation, highlighting the potential long-term health consequences if the problem is not addressed swiftly, reported KhaoSod.

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