Laotian man loses gold necklaces while sleeping drunk in Pattaya (video)

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A Laotian man is seeking public help after losing two gold necklaces worth about 80,000 baht while sleeping off the after-effects of drunkenness on a footpath in Pattaya.

The 37 year old Laotian man urged Channel 3 to share his story to seek a clue leading to the apprehension of the gold necklace thief. The man also issued a warning to others about the dangers of excessive drinking that made him unable to care for himself and his belongings.

The foreign man recounted that he hung out with some friends at a bar in southern Pattaya on April 29 and returned home separately after the party. He chose to walk back to his accommodation alone despite his friends warning him not to do so as it was dangerous.

The Laotian victim went on to reveal that he could no longer walk due to the intoxication and decided to sit and rest on a footpath. He fell asleep and was awakened in the morning by a street sweeper.

The man said he first checked on his belongings and found the gold necklaces had disappeared. He rushed to the Mueang Pattaya Police Station to file a complaint and went back to the incident scene to review the security camera footage.

The footage showed a motorcycle taxi rider parking and checking on the sleeping victim before leaving. The rider later returned without his taxi vest and began searching the area, eventually leaving with the two gold necklaces.

The Laotian man urged the Thai police to apprehend the thief to prevent further crimes against tourists.

A similar theft was reported in 2022 when a Thai taxi driver stole from a drunk foreigner who slept outside a convenience store. The taxi driver was seen in the CCTV camera grabbing a gold necklace and a bag which contained cash, passport, and other important documents.

Another theft was reported last year in Pattaya. Two Thai thieves saw an opportunity when a drunk foreigner parked his motorcycle to vomit on the roadside to steal his motorcycle.

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