Taxi driver robs drunk foreigner, steals gold necklace, cash and passport

The screenshot shows a taxi driver was untiring the gold necklace and the bag.

A taxi driver robbed a foreigner who was passed out drunk on the floor in front of a convenience store in Thailand. The thief grabbed his gold necklace and a bag containing cash, passport and other important documents before fleeing the scene. The exact location of the crime hasn’t yet been reported.

The victim’s Thai girlfriend handed the CCTV footage and information to a Facebook page which posts news stories. The page posted the video with the title “Taxi driver or a thief?” and quoted the details given by the woman. The woman said her boyfriend was drunk and fell asleep in front of the Lawson 108 convenience store on April 22 at 4.20am. She checked a CCTV camera, and it showed a taxi driver parking his car, stealing her boyfriend’s assets, and fleeing.

The woman urged anyone who knows the taxi driver or anyone who has spotted a similar car to the one in the video to report the information to her directly or to the Facebook page’s admin. It hasn’t been reported whether the victim filed a complaint to the police or not.

SOURCE: Channel 3 | อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 3

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