Labour Minister confirms 300 jobs axed by Shopee Thailand

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The Labour Minister, Suchart Chomklin, confirmed yesterday’s report on the Shopee redundancies was accurate. He says 300 jobs are being axed, but insisted the Labour Ministry would help ensure sacked workers are looked after in accordance to employment legislation.

The Singaporean company Sea announced during a town hall meeting yesterday of the planned layoff for one of its core businesses, e-commerce platform Shopee. The company stated that many workers in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, would be affected. The report also confirmed that half of all Thai workers employed by ShopeeFood and ShopeePay had already been released.

Suchart today says he instructed the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare to contact Shopee after the story went viral on social media. The 47 year old politician says Shopee confirmed the layoff and added that 300 workers from Shopee Thailand, ShopeeFood, and ShopeePay, were on the hit list.

The company added that the termination of employees’ contracts would come into effect on July 1, and workers had been notified on a one-to-one basis. Suchart says the company has promised to pay compensation and welfare to the laid-off workers in accordance with the law.

The minister says he has assigned the relevant Labour Ministry departments to monitor the situation closely and recommend available positions to those now unemployed. Suchart added that anyone who wanted a career change or improve their skills could also inquire about suitable training from the ministry.

The Director-General of the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Niyom Songkaew, added that employees who couldn’t claim the compensation or any benefits stated in the law should contact the department via a hotline 1506 press 3 and 1546 or 02-247-7903.

SOURCE: Matichon

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