karma: Jealous husband’s fiery act backfires, leaving him scorched

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If karma indeed exists, it enacted a merciless retribution upon a Thai man who, consumed by jealousy over his ex-wife’s new romance, set fire to her and her mother. The Thai man ended up suffering severe burns all over his body during the arson attack on his former spouse.

This harrowing incident unfolded in the early hours of yesterday when officers from Mueang Lopburi Police Station received a distress call from a house on Si Intrarathit Road in the Tha Kae sub-district of Lop Buri province. They arrived at the scene around 4.30 am, finding a two-story house marred by a broken window and visible fire damage. The pungent odour of gasoline permeated the air.

The blaze had left two individuals injured, including a 31 year old woman named Thanita “Fah” Suwakhon, and Fah’s mother, 66 year old Napada Suwakhon. Fah had suffered severe burns across her body, while her mother, Napada, bore injuries primarily on her back. Urgently, they were transported to King Narai Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Fah’s current boyfriend, 36 year old Jakkaphan Intasana, promptly reported to the police that the assailant was none other than Fah’s ex-husband, 44 year old Samroeng Chaichan. According to Jakkaphan, Samroeng insisted that Fah and her mother step outside to speak with him during the early hours of the fateful day.

In a chilling account, Jakkaphan disclosed that when Fah and her mother declined to go outside, Samroeng shattered a glass window to gain entry to the house. He approached Fah and her mother, dousing both women with petrol before setting them ablaze.

Jakkaphan recounted how he had awoken to investigate the commotion, only to be confronted by the horrifying sight of his wife and her mother engulfed in flames. The two victims rushed into the bathroom in a desperate bid to extinguish the fire, then sought help from Jakkaphan and their neighbours.

Remarkably, Samroeng himself sustained injuries in the blaze, particularly from a shard of the shattered window. He fled the scene, injured and evaded capture for a time, hiding from authorities.

However, the severity of his injuries eventually compelled him to emerge from hiding, seeking assistance from locals. Curiously, he refused hospital treatment out of a fear of needles.

Police officers, in their pursuit of Samroeng, eventually located and recognised him as the suspect. Realizing the gravity of his injuries, they rushed him to the hospital for urgent medical care. After his condition improved, they proceeded to question him regarding the heinous crime.

Neighbours shared with ThaiRath that Fah and Samroeng had been in a relationship for over a decade before Fah made the difficult decision to end it due to Samroeng’s persistent drug addiction. Despite his efforts to win her back, he remained ensnared by his drug habit, ultimately prompting Fah to move forward with her life.

The motive behind Samroeng’s horrifying act is believed to be his deep-seated resentment towards Fah’s new boyfriend, Jakkaphan, who had been residing at Fah’s home for an extended period. This situation exacerbated Samroeng’s jealousy and frustration, culminating in this shocking act of violence.

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