Kanchanaburi man arrested after violent restroom assault

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A brutal incident of violence has shaken the community of Tha Maka in Kanchanaburi Province, where a 38 year old man turned methamphetamine agent was arrested for a savage attack. The altercation, which occurred on October 22, 2023, resulted from a seemingly minor incident where the victim, Anek (surname withheld), inadvertently bumped into Udon (surname withheld) near a restroom, prompting a violent response.

The confrontation began in a local eatery where Udon, known for flaunting his influence, was dining with associates. As the evening progressed, noise and commotion from Udon’s table escalated. When Anek visited the restroom and accidentally brushed against Udon, the encounter turned confrontational.

Udon, feeling challenged by the mere eye contact, followed Anek into the restroom and assaulted him, causing him to fall. The attack culminated in Udon lifting the lid of a toilet seat and slamming it onto Anek ‘s head, resulting in a severe brain haemorrhage.

Following the incident, Anek ‘s relatives reported the matter to the police, leading to an investigation that gathered enough evidence to secure an arrest warrant. Udon, who had been evading capture, was found residing in Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province, further expanding his criminal repertoire as a drug dealer catering to the local youth, reported KhaoSod.

Upon his arrest on April 1, Udon confessed to the assault, attributing his actions to intoxication and a perceived challenge. A background check on Udon revealed a history of criminal activity, including four drug-related offences involving methamphetamine, two thefts, and one firearms-related charge.

In related news, a violent encounter last night left two high school students injured after being shot by a younger peer. The incident, which took place near a petrol station in Buriram province, was reportedly an act of revenge on behalf of a friend.

The two victims, both Grade 9 students, were attacked as they rode their motorcycle in the vicinity of Nong Mama village. Initial reports indicate that the weapon used in the assault was purchased online.

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