Jordanian attacks Thai singer’s brother at condo in Thailand

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A Jordanian man allegedly attacked the brother of a Thai singer, Kanyarat “Lula” Tatiyaporn, at a condominium in Thailand. The victim sustained a ruptured eardrum and multiple wounds all over his body.

Lula revealed details of the incident and provided an update on her brother’s condition to KhaoSod yesterday. She explained that the incident occurred on the evening of Saturday, March 25 while her brother was swimming in the condo’s pool. The name and location of the condo were not disclosed.

Lula explained that the attacker was a foreigner from Jordan who visited his family in Thailand. The man had a history of assaulting residents in the condo and is known for his terrible temper.

According to Lula, the Jordanian man was on the phone and walked into the pool area with his shoes on, even though it is prohibited by the condo’s rules. So, Lula’s brother pointed out that the man had to take off his shoes. The foreign man then hung up his phone and immediately punched the victim in the face.

Lula stated that the attacker continued to punch her brother until a witness reported the incident to a security guard, who intervened. Lula said…

“My brother told me that he thought he would die that day because the foreign man did not stop punching him. He has nearly a hundred wounds on his body and has a ruptured eardrum to his left ear because the attacker punched him near the ear.”

The family reported an assault to the police and sought to press charges against the perpetrator for causing serious injuries. However, the police suggested that the two parties reconcile and proposed charging the attacker with a lesser offence of having an altercation.

Lula stated…

“My brother did not start the fight and did not deserve to be attacked. I want him (a Jordanian man) to be jailed and deported from the country. I do not want money. He is a threat to society. I do not want this to happen to any others. My mother was shocked by what happened because the whole body of my brother was covered with blood on that day.”

Lula and her family intend to closely follow up on the development of the case. She added that the Jordanian man and his family moved out of the condo after the incident.

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