Jealous durian vendor’s ex-partner opens fire, injuring two

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The serene atmosphere of the Thung Kok Police Station was shattered yesterday evening as a durian vendor raced to the station, revealing the gunshot wounds he received from his jealous ex-wife. The incident transpired at a Suphan Buri residence, approximately 5 kilometres away from the police station.

The driver, 55 year old Aphichot was shot, and sustained injuries to his left chest. He sought assistance at the police station, further informing authorities that his 30 year old wife, Thiporada had also been shot, requiring medical aid.

Police were promptly sent to investigate the scene. During their investigations, Thiporada was discovered with three gunshot wounds, two in her stomach and to her bottom.

Both individuals were swiftly transported to Somdet Phra Sangkharat Hospital for treatment.

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The perpetrator was identified as 49 year old Jutharat, Aphichot’s former wife.

Subsequently, Thung Kok Police Superintendent Police Colonel Yanathorn Sanitpanyawotho, along with Deputy Superintendent Police Colonel Niyom Suiwong, led a team to investigate the incident.

They successfully apprehended Jutharat, who was found hiding inside the house at the scene. She was armed with a .38 calibre pistol used in the incident with five bullets found in the magazine.

During the search of her car, ten more bullets were discovered. She was then taken into custody for further questioning at Thung Kok Police Station.

Preliminary investigations reveal that before the incident, Aphichot, her ex-husband, along with Thiporada, his new wife, was selling durians from a truck. Jutharat spotted them and followed them home to the scene.

A heated argument ensued, culminating in Jutharat retrieving a gun from her car and firing at Aphichot and Thiporada.

The charges against her include attempted murder and illegal possession of firearms, as well as firing a weapon in a public place.

She is being held for further legal proceedings, with evidence gathered from the scene and testimonies from witnesses, reported Daily News.

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