Jasmine flower prices double ahead of Mother’s Day celebrations

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In the run-up to the upcoming Mother’s Day festival, people often give dear old mum jasmine flowers to show appreciation for their mother’s kindness, affection and love. But capitalism means that as the demand for jasmine has risen sharply, prices for the flower are also surging.

At the Jor Jae market today, in Pimai Sub-district, Nakhon Ratchasima, 61 year old vendor Jumnian KongKlang shared that every August 12, the popularity of jasmine garlands skyrockets. That date is Mother’s Day in Thailand, when most people take time to recall their mothers’ kindness and express their love, often through jasmine flowers.

Jasmine has become a symbol for Mother’s Day. During Mother’s Day every year in Thailand, the increase in demand for jasmine flowers leads to soaring prices.

Jumnian explained that the usual price for a kilogramme of jasmine is around 400 baht. But on Mother’s Day, the price doubles to 700 or 800 baht per kilogramme. She usually invests approximately 20,000 baht at a time and makes a profit of 4,000 to 5,000 baht per day. On regular days, she makes a profit of about 2,000 baht. Jumnian sells her products at the Jor Jae market in the morning and the Night Bazaar market in Pimai Sub-District in the evening.

The jasmine vendor’s business might get a bonus kick this Mother’s Day too. Since this special occasion has fallen on a weekend this year, the official holiday will be observed on the following Monday, August 14.

As a result, most government establishments and an array of banks, including Thai Immigration, will be closed for the three-day holiday. To avoid any inconvenience, people are advised to plan ahead of time.

In a happy contrast to the prior six-day holiday that included two religious Buddha Days which imposed an alcohol sales ban, there won’t be any such restrictions in place for this Thai festive occasion. On Mother’s Day, it’s perfectly legal to toss back a drink with dear old mum as you give her that jasmine.

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