Nanny-napped: Israeli woman detained in Thailand for unauthorised nursery

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An Israeli woman was detained in Surat Thani on accusations of running an unauthorised nursery facility for foreign children on Koh Pha Ngan. Four other international individuals were also apprehended for unlawful employment and associated transgressions.

Noppadol Khaomali, the Koh Pha Ngan district leader, guided local authorities, police, immigration officials, and representatives from pertinent agencies to a house inspection in the southern province’s tambon Koh Pha Ngan yesterday, March 14. The property was illicitly functioning as a nursery for foreign children.

During the raid, five foreigners, three women and two men were apprehended, according to Noppadol Khaomali. The Israeli owner of the nursery, 56 year old Suli Shulamite Avraham was among those arrested. She was charged with being a foreign national running or establishing a nursery without permission, employing foreign nationals without work permits, and failing to report the employment of foreign workers to the local registrar.

The two males, 50 year old Israeli national Alon Jacob and 38 year old British national Daniel Stewart were charged with being foreign nationals working without work permits. The other two women, a South African national, 42 year old Louise Cilliers and Myanmar national, 28 year old Hla Hla Win were charged with being foreign nationals with work permits failing to notify their employer, workplace location, and type of work to the local registrar.

All detainees were handed over to the Koh Phangan police station investigators for legal proceedings.

In the preceding week, police apprehended an American woman for allegedly running an unauthorised nursery on this tourist island, renowned for the popular Full Moon Party.

Around 20 foreign children were discovered on the premises. Three foreign women working as babysitters and four Myanmar housekeepers were also arrested and charged with unlawful employment, reported Bangkok Post.

On Tuesday, a Russian man was detained for unlawfully operating a vehicle rental business on Koh Pha Ngan.

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