Influencer arrested for promoting gambling on Facebook

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Police have apprehended Nong Noey, the ex-wife of the well-known influencer Keng Lay Phrang, for promoting gambling websites. She was caught at her home in Nakhon Nayok, having advertised these sites on her widely-followed Facebook page.

Police from the Region 1 Investigation Unit executed a search warrant issued by the Nakhon Nayok Provincial Court at a residence in Phrommani, Mueang District, Nakhon Nayok. This was in response to the discovery of the Facebook account of Saitharn Wangprasert, known as Noey, a notable net idol with approximately 1.3 million followers. The account had been used to post images advertising gambling websites, encouraging the general public to participate in online gambling.

Upon initial questioning, Noey admitted to the allegations. Law enforcement officials are preparing to proceed with legal action against her.

Noey is a well-known net idol and the former wife of Keng Lay Phrang, another prominent social media influencer. Her arrest has drawn significant attention due to her online popularity and past relationship with Keng.

“Officers found evidence directly linking her to the promotion of gambling websites.”

The images posted on her Facebook page were clear attempts to lure individuals into gambling activities.

The search took place yesterday following an investigation that revealed the extent of Noey’s involvement in these illegal activities. The search warrant, number 55/2567, was crucial in allowing the police to gather necessary evidence from her residence.

Noey’s Facebook posts had been under scrutiny for some time, with authorities closely monitoring the content she shared with her followers. The promotion of gambling websites is illegal in Thailand, and efforts are continuously made to curb such activities.

Keng Lay Phrang, who is also known for his striking tattooed appearance and online presence, has not commented on the arrest of his ex-wife. Their relationship had been a topic of public interest.

Noey now faces legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

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