Ice delivery man keeps cool after sweeping 6 million baht in Thai lottery win

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A sudden stroke of luck has befallen a 36 year old ice-delivery man as he struck the first prize lottery, bringing home a staggering 6 million baht. The single man plans to continue with his ice delivery job and invest his newfound fortune in building a house for his family.

An officer at the Sangkhla Buri Police Station in Kanchanaburi yesterday revealed that Pho Tu, a stateless individual carrying his official identification, came in with a spring in his step. The source of his enthusiasm: a winning government lottery ticket, garnering the first prize. The lucky number 260453 from the lottery round of July 31, 2023, was worth a cool 6 million baht (US$175,182).

Pho Tu stated that he had purchased the winning lottery ticket from a local market shop in the Municipality of Wang Ka, Sangkhla Buri district, for 80 baht. Working as an ice deliveryman at the Wang Ka municipal fresh market for over 15 years, he has been a regular customer in the lottery for every round, usually only buying one ticket each time, reported KhaoSod.

Following his windfall, he plans to give alms and purchase land for the construction of a home for his family. Despite being a bachelor with no wife, he expressed his intentions to continue working as an ice deliveryman.

The news of Pho Tu’s win attracted the attention of the town’s police and market vendors, many of whom joined him for a celebratory photo, cementing the moment of his good fortune into the town’s memory.

Two weeks ago, a lucky woman from the Rasi Salai district in Sisaket province landed a lottery jackpot of 12 million baht. Originating from an online app purchase, the fortunate digits came in the wake of a funeral ceremony for her grandmother in northeast Thailand. Deferred by ongoing funeral rites, the bounty remains uncollected. To read more click HERE

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