Horrifying domestic incident in Udon Thani village leaves woman with multiple wounds

A horrifying domestic incident unfolded yesterday in the village of Ban Na Chum Saeng, Udon Thani province of Thailand. The victim 53 year old Nongyao, was assaulted by her husband, 55 year old Boonruang, resulting in nine wounds on her neck and three on the back of her head.

The incident was reported by Veeraphon Raksa Meruang, an admin of a local social media page, who stated that Nongyao had been taken to Thung Fon Hospital by local emergency services.

Nongyao stated that she had been living with her husband Boonruang for a long time, caring for him due to his neurological condition. She worked as a sugarcane harvester, using her income to support her husband and their granddaughter.

On the day of the incident, after preparing food for her husband, Nongyao was enjoying a drink, which her husband joined in. The situation escalated when a disagreement broke out between the couple, resulting in Boonruang attacking Nongyao with a knife, causing 12 wounds in total.

Her body bore the scars of previous assaults, including injuries to her face, nose, and other parts of her body, all allegedly inflicted by her husband. After the incident, Boonruang was taken into custody by Thung Fon police.

Nongyao expressed her wish to press charges against her husband according to the law, as she believes he had attempted to kill her during this recent attack. She is now anxiously awaiting the return of her children to discuss the next steps, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a 13 year old school girl was subjected to a brutal assault at a school in Udon Thani, instigated by jealous animosities over a schoolboy. The victim’s inconsolable mother and uncle, having seen a horrifying video clip of the incident on social media, pledged to seek justice to the fullest extent of the law. To read more click HERE.

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