Highway havoc: Mercedes-Benz driver’s taxi riders gun threat and drug use lead to charges

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Police charged a Thai Mercedes-Benz driver after he threatened motorcycle taxi riders in the Thong Lor area of Bangkok with a gun and used crystal methamphetamine. His five friends were charged with using the drug.

The Thai man charged, 44 year old Chawin Chanintarawanich, crashed his Mercedes-Benz into a motorcycle taxi rider, 39 year old Kwanchai Tadee at 8.40am on Friday, August 25. Chawin shifted the blame to Kwanchai and got out of his car after the crash to confront him.

Chawin even banished a gun to threaten the taxi rider. He claimed he was a police officer and said he knew a lot of high-profile police officers. Chawin then punched Kwanchai in the face, making the encounter escalate. Friends of both parties attempted to engage in a fight but officers from Thong Lor Police Station intervened just in time.

Police then discovered 200 grammes of crystal meth in the Mercedes-Benz. This discovery prompted officers to subject both Chawin and five of his companions to a drug test, all of which yielded positive results. Furthermore, the officers later found that the registration plate Chawin used on the luxury car was fake.

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The other five suspects were identified as a 40 year old man named Yuttana Chanprason, a 21 year old transwoman named Ittiphat Laohanusin, a 34 year old woman named Thamon Jarunan, a 21 year old man named Panjarat Chaipara, and a 36 year old woman named Jirunthanin Phisitthanon.

Officers apprehended three suspects on August 26. Chawin faces three charges: carrying a gun in a public place without permission, possessing a drug from Category 1 (crystal meth), and using a fake registration plate. Meanwhile, Ittiphat and Yuttana faced charges for the possession of a Category 1 drug.

The three suspects are now in the custody of Bangkok South Civil Court, navigating the legal repercussions of their actions.

The three suspects were charged with using a Category 1 drug (crystal meth). They are currently undergoing treatment in a rehabilitation process.

The transwoman, Ittiphat, urged the police and the public to listen to her side of the story. She claimed that the taxi rider and his friends attempted to attack her and her friends. She emphasised that she would file a complaint against the motorcycle riders.

Chawin’s friends, who were not involved in the incident, visited him in court. The friends took Chawin’s side, stating that the motorcycle taxi riders insulted Chawin’s parents, making him angry.

The friends added that Ittphat was very stressful and expressed her desire to take her own life. Officers had to take close care to prevent Ittiphon from carrying out her threat. Ittiphon has already paid 2,000 baht for a temporary release.

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