Heroic railway station officer saves deaf elderly woman from oncoming train in Surat Thani

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A heroic railway station officer in Surat Thani province saved the life of a hearing-impaired elderly woman as she tries to cross the tracks in the path of an oncoming train. The heroic act has garnered attention and praise from the public for the railway station officer’s quick thinking and dedication to his duties.

In a recent social media post, Netrachonok Piriphan shared a video capturing the remarkable incident of a 75 year old hearing-impaired woman attempting to hurriedly cross the railway as a train was rapidly approaching. A railway station officer, observing the situation, sprung into action, rushing to safely carry the elderly woman clear of the tracks just moments before the train rushed by. The video has since attracted widespread interest and admiration from the community for the heroic railway station officer’s commitment to his work, his alertness and his quick response in saving the woman’s life.

The event occurred in Surat Thani province at 9.48am, yesterday, April 30 when the south-bound train, numbered 85, was en route from Bangkok’s Ubon Ratchathani to Nakhon Si Thammarat. As it approached the Ban Song Railway Station, Titi Phongsathireewan, the railway station officer on duty, stood waving a green flag to signal the train to proceed into the station.

Suddenly, the heroic Titi noticed the 75 year old woman walking hastily to cross the tracks in order to reach the station building. The train was moving toward her at high speed but he immediately raced to help her, obstructing her path before pushing her out of danger in the nick of time.

Following the incident, the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) issued a statement informing that Nirut Maniphant, the SRT Governor, had learnt about the event and watched the video displaying heroic Titi’s actions. The governor lauded Titi for his dedication, care and attentiveness towards the passengers. He has subsequently ordered concerned parties to review the situation and adhere to the applicable procedures.

Nonetheless, the SRT also requests public cooperation as they remind everyone to exercise caution when crossing railway tracks or driving vehicles across the rail lines. People should stop before crossing the tracks and look both left and right to ensure their safety. Only when the area is confirmed to be safe should one proceed to cross the railway.

The courage and quick thinking of the heroic railway station officer saved a life that fateful day, and his commitment to public safety has earned him well-deserved praise from both his superiors and the people he serves.

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