Legacy hunt: Heirs sought for lineage of luminaries

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A search has begun for the rightful heirs to the estate of five prominent individuals from a distinguished family line, including a former minister in the government of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram and a former judge.

The quest to identify these heirs comes ahead of the inheritance distribution scheduled for May 2, this year. In a recent edition of the Khaosod newspaper, dated April 30, this year, an advertisement was placed calling for people who are the legal heirs of certain esteemed personages to come forward.

The advertisement specifically named these individuals: Lady Khunying Salavithan Nithet, Prasat Sarasas Pholkhanth, Luang Wuttisak Netinat (Krit Sarasas), and Major General Chit Sunthananon. Interested parties were urged to contact Wansa Silathong via email or by phone at 090-938-6456 to claim their inheritance rights. The legal pursuit is overseen by the law office of Thammaniti.

Upon investigation, it was uncovered that Lady Khunying Salavithan Nithet was the spouse of Major General Phraya, the former Head of the Mapping Department, Salawithan Nithet (also known as Ab Raktabutr), and the first student from Siam to attend Harvard University.

Prasat Sarasas Pholkhanth, also known as Long Sunthananon, served as the Minister of Economic Affairs under Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram’s administration and was the elder brother of Lady Khunying.

Luang Wuttisak Netinat (Krit Sarasas) was a former judge, whereas Major General Jit Suntanon held the position of Head of the Military Energy Department. All five were siblings from the Sarasas and Sunthananon families.

This announcement to locate the rightful heirs by law of these five individuals, a former minister, and a former judge, is a significant undertaking in preserving their legacy and the rightful distribution of their estate.

It’s a call that not only respects the lineage and contributions of these influential figures but also ensures that their legacies are carried forward by their descendants.

The law office involved has taken a meticulous approach to ensure that the estate is passed on to legitimate claimants, a process steeped in tradition and legal precision in the context of Thai culture, reported Khaosod.

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