Heatwarming gesture: Thai father dresses up as woman for adopted daughter on Mother’s Day (video)

Photo via Facebook/ นายโจ ลูกพลบดี

A devoted Thai father dressed up as a woman in order to participate in a Mother’s Day activity at the school of his adopted daughter in the central province of Kampaeng Phet. Netizens praised him for his love and dedication to the girl.

The 48 year old man, Pratchaya “Joe” Tadeebu, shared a video and picture of himself dressed as a woman during the school Mother’s Day activity on his Facebook and TikTok accounts with a caption said…

“Mother must present on Mother’s Day. I can be a mother to you as well! haha.”

In the video, Joe is seen transforming himself into a woman by wearing a black and white plaid dress and a long hair wig. His adopted daughter, 15 year old Nattawadee “Cream” Kornjan, was seen paying respect and embracing Joe who sat on the chair.

The video and picture garnered a lot of attention from Thai netizens. They flooded the comments section with appreciation for both Joe and Cream. The netizens said…


“Let me borrow your dress for my child!”

“You are everything for the daughter!”

“This is called love.”

“Your daughter will love you as much as you love her for sure!”

Joe later gave an interview with ThaiRath about his viral video and pictures. He revealed that he was also a teacher at the Baan Boen Kloy School where his adopted daughter studies.

“We talked to each other about what we should do this Mother’s Day. I do not want Cream to feel neglected. I want her to be happy. The idea of dressing as a woman came up. I felt no embarrassment at all. We always find ways to have fun together. Even if I am a single father and her stepfather, I always tell Dream that she is my daughter, and I love her like my own biological child. I will do my best as the father and mother to take care of my girl.”

Cream revealed to the media that she was very happy that her father dressed up to join the Mother’s Day event. She thought it was cute and funny at the same time. She said she did not feel embarrassed.

While some others saw the Mother’s Day event at school as a way to express love and care to each other, others saw that this event can cause pain for children who do not have mothers in their lives. They saw that the event should not be held at school any more. One netizen even commented on the post saying…

“This is good. But cancelling this activity will be a lot better.”

With this thought, the Anuban Sri That School in the Isaan province of Udon Thani decided to abstain from the Mother’s Day activity for the first year this year as the school recognised that the event could potentially trigger emotional distress for most of the students.

The school director, Seksan Sopharat, revealed that the survey suggested that most of the students in the school lived without mothers and also encountered tearful students every year. Consequently, the school cancelled the paying respect event and encourage students to make greeting cards, paint, write essays, and compose poems on Mother’s Day instead.


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