Heartbroken Thai seeks solace in 7-Eleven robbery, demands jail time

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A Thai man last night confessed to being heartbroken and insisted on being jailed after he carried out a robbery at a 7-Eleven convenience store situated within a petrol station in the Bang Khun Tian district of Bangkok.

Convenience store employees and witnesses managed to detain the 26 year old Thai man, Autsadawut Yooman, who stole money from the store at 12.10am today, December 13. They then reported the matter to Tha Kham Police Station officers to take Autsadawut for further legal proceedings.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers confiscated the knife that Autsadawut had used to intimidate store employees, along with 9,000 baht in cash. Autsadawut was then escorted to the police station for questioning.

During the interrogation, Autsadawut admitted to having a row with his girlfriend, leading him to decide to end their relationship. Despite having no prior criminal record, he chose to commit the robbery at the 7-Eleven, expressing a desire to be jailed. His motivation was to attract his ex-girlfriend’s attention through the act of theft.

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Autsadawut elaborated that he brandished a knife and threatened a female cashier at the store, making off with 9,000 baht before exiting the premises. The cashier and other staff members raised an alarm, prompting people at the petrol station to apprehend him.

Autsadawut faces a penalty of imprisonment from six months to seven years and a fine from 10,000 to 40,000 baht for violating Section 337 of the Criminal Law: using a weapon to threaten another person to give property.

Officers did not reveal whether Autsadawut’s ex-girlfriend visited him at the police station during his detention.

Autsadawut is not the first heartbroken man to seek arrest therapy for a failed relationship. Another Thai man named Bee sought arrest in April this year for beating up a Thai woman and stealing her motorcycle in the central province of Prachin Buri.

Bee was arrested by police at his wish. He said he had broken up with his girlfriend and thought imprisonment was the only solution to the problem. Bee was charged with the same offence as Autsadawut: assaulting another person with intent to steal property.

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